Road Trip Pt 9: Sinclair & Moore Pt 2

Sinclair and Moore Workshop, Seattle

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In a previous blog post I wrote about my time with Sinclair & Moore, attending their workshop in Seattle last year. You can read about that here. Steve kindly asked me to come back and help him with two workshops that he had in June of last year and a wedding shower. It was a very eye-opening experience into the world of events and high-end weddings. I really began to understand how hard Steve works doing what he loves but supporting his family also. He has earned the title and recognition he has and I was so lucky to have been able to work along side him for 2 weeks.

Along the way I met the lovely Laetitia of Floresie, Katie of Kenley Event Designs, Matthew and Erin Land a photographer /stylist duo extraordinaire, Jenny of Jenny Cookies, Joelle of Wish and Pink (for whom I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing some of her gift packages), Libby Tipton, a top notch Calligrapher, Anna of Grace and Blooms (who I had met previously and decided to meet up again for a catch up and a collaboration with Libby, I will be posting about this soon!), Hally of Halcyn Floral and of course all of the wonderful attendees of Steve's workshops! All of them have given me wonderful advice, laughter, reality checks and of course friendships.

I will be heading to Seattle in mid February to spend some time doing a workshop for myself with Sandra Coan, to learn a little bit more about film and lighting, and then helping Steve out again as he kindly asked me to come back and help with his workshop and I couldn't say no! He has really been a huge support in my changing career path, and has introduced me to the most wonderful people and taught me a lot about the realities of owning your own business.

I messaged a couple of friends and just put it out there that I would be in Seattle for 10 days and got an overwhelming amount of responses from people saying they may be able to make it! I was so happy! So far I have the lovely Leslie of Spotted SF (the guru of anything San Fran - you wanna know where to go, eat, see, play? She's your girl!) coming out to stay with me and Katie is now flying out so that we can do some fun collaborations together. I always tell her how frustrating it is that she is so far away since I know we could create wonderful things together! So I am so excited that we will be in the same place together again to have some fun doing something creative for ourselves. So watch this space as we try and figure out how and where we can start working together more, along with the lovely Laetitia too! In fact - I'm having a Facetime chat with her this evening to go over some potential ideas for France... Remember if you haven't already signed up to my newsletter, sign up below to be the first to know about upcoming workshops and other exciting things! :)

So far on the schedule is Sabine Darall's floral design workshop in March, where I will be teaching photography and styling tips to go along side florals, and in November I will be in Japan helping D'Arcy Benincosa with her The Path Workshop series.

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