Road Trip Pt 1: Local Milk Japan Retreat At Kurokawa Onsen


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In light of Beth Kirby aka Local Milk's Retreat in London in January of 2017, where I will be teaching floral arranging - thank you Beth for asking me to be a part of your wonderful Retreat, I am FINALLY posting the images from the Japan Retreat I had with Beth back in March.

I am not one for words - images are my words. I am a visual storyteller so I rely on imagery and capturing my environment to tell the story.

However I cannot just let this one slide without some expression of how amazing Beth's Retreats are. I also attended one in February in Surrey, England, which you can read about here. During both, I made wonderful friends, learnt so much, not only about photography, light, composition and then some, but also a lot about myself.

People often forget in this crazy, busy world, to take time out for themselves. I don't mean a holiday, I mean a proper retreat. Without retreating and exploring you as a person, oftentimes we can deteriorate and not perform to the best of our ability in life, business or otherwise. We falter and not only become weak in ourselves but for those that we love also.

Beth has created a living doing what she loves, and is a huge inspirational figure for me. Through hard work, determination, self-belief, conviction, confidence and passion, she has ultimately become a success and is a pioneer for a job that once didn't exist. If this isn't inspiration enough for you, I don't know what is! It has allowed me to set off on this path, carefully and slowly to allow myself time to grow, learn and develop all whilst doing the things I am most passionate about. It has finally given me the confidence to teach all that I know and have learnt from all the people I admire from around the world as well as all the knowledge I have learnt for myself.

The way she shares her experiences and knowledge is so important and is what I cannot wait to do more of in the future in my own way.

I highly recommend going on one of or as many of her retreats as possible. They are all so different and special and I cannot wait to be a part of the London one! Beth collaborates with some of the most talented and coolest people out there (in Japan we were joined by Haruka of The Denizen Co), I am so honoured to have been asked!!! The Japan retreat is happening again next March. It is held in Kurokawa Onsen (黒川温泉) in Japan (日本) at Ryokan Sanga (旅館さんが). Beth tells of this tale in a such detail and finesse I am not even going to try and do the trip justice. If you would like to find out about our time there, I strongly encourage you to head over to her blog and read about it there (here is the link)! :)

To find out more about her retreats click here and for more information about her London retreat in January 2017 click here.

A little exciting bit of news about this is that the photos I took on this trip were featured in Harpers Bazaar Arabia Interiors.

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