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A lifestyle blog with studio extension that offers an alternative take on “wellness” – one that is deeply inspired by Japanese essentialism and wabi sabi philosophy.
Hikarui Etymology

What is hikarui?

Where does the word Hikarui come from?

Hikarui is an original word invented by Chikae.

An alternative approach to “wellness”

The art of Hikarui is about finding ways to slow down without feeling guilty. This blog explores the creative process, resourceful productivity methods and mindful home-making aka “nesting".

Inspired by Chikae’s Japanese heritage

Hikarui is a modern interpretation of Japanese essentialism and wabi sabi philosophy.

How to apply it

This website is a place of respite and inspiration to guide you through modern stressors and to help restore creativity. It is a gentle reminder to start with one small change to allow for natural growth, and to nurture your soul while enjoying the process.

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Photo by   Sandra Coan

Photo by Sandra Coan

ABOUT Chikae


Chikae is a, London-based artist/photographer and the creator of Hikarui. She believes that by curating our surroundings with intentional design, mindfulness and simplicity we elevate our overall well-being. She draws creativity from her Japanese heritage and English upbringing.

How it all started

In 2015, Chikae decluttered her home after her mom gave her the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying" by Marie Kondo. She discovered that the majority of her stress stemmed from materialistic clutter. This was life-changing. With all the extra space Chikae had created in her home, she felt a sense of clarity and focus for the first time in her life.

She began to wonder, “what if I was left only with the essentials, and those essentials were of the highest quality, beautifully designed, purposeful whilst remaining an extension of me?”.

3 months, 1 suitcase

To fully immerse herself in this newfound philosophy, Chikae decided to live in Japan for three months to reconnect with her cultural heritage and to discover what would happen if she lived with less. She packed only one large suitcase and a carry-on and lived out of a studio apartment with only her essentials. She discovered that by having only the things she cherished and practical pieces with her, she began to feel much happier and worry less. She became more intentional about purchases, allowing her to spend more time with friends, and invest in experiences and hand-crafted one-off pieces rather than materialistic objects that brought her temporary happiness.

Better work-life balance

This led to her decision to take half a year off for herself to be still and to allow all chaos to settle to gain a better understanding of how to have a better work/life balance. Slowing down for the first time in 6 years, she gained clarity about the direction of her business and her lifestyle choices moving forward.

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