Road Trip Pt 4: San Francisco with Tulipina


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I didn't take many photos in San Francisco... I think it is because I have a fabulous friend who knows San Francisco like no other person. Leslie, better known as Spotted SF, appropriately named as she has a blog based on everything San Francisco! If you need some tips on places to visit in San Fran, I highly recommend that you visit her blog.

One thing I did document however was my visit with Kiana Underwood aka Tulipina. I had been admiring her floral design work for some time so I reached out to her before I set off on my travels and despite her busy schedule, she was able to meet with me. She is so inspiring, and her creations are vibrantly colourful and so unique to her. Sadly the studio I took photographs of (see below) burnt down in September and is currently being rebuilt and might take 12 months to do so. I was so saddened by this when I heard the news, however she carries on like a trooper and thankfully no one got hurt.

I am so glad that I got to see her beautiful studio.


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