Road Trip Pt 3: Sinclair & Moore Floral Design Workshop


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Sinclair & Moore are a husband and wife duo made up of Steve and Jamie Moore. A dream team. A power couple. They welcomed myself and the other attendees for their floral workshop with open arms and a tonne of information, complete with a gorgeous gift box. Their kindness and hospitality is something quite special and I am so lucky to have been able to learn from such humbling people.

I learnt some wonderful new skills, honed ones I wanted to make better, and made some amazing new friends, including Steve and Jamie themselves and they’re down to earth loyal team members.

Aside from being a great teacher, Steve really invested his time in me, showing me the potential I held and gave me advice for something I was struggling to come to terms with and make a decision about. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today. Watch this space as I announce what it was that he helped me with and we launch some exciting news about Okishima & Simmonds, my floral company in the next two weeks. Steve also invited me back to help him with a workshop which was at a date towards the end of my travels where I luckily had made no travel plans, so I decided to take him up on his offer and went back to Seattle. Images from this to follow chronologically in my Road Trip series.

Thank you Steve for believing in me. I highly recommend you attend one of his workshops if you are interested in the wedding industry, want to hone / learn new floristry skills, get savvy about how to run your own business. He offers scholarships, which is such an amazing and selfless thing and I hope to one day follow in his footsteps and offer a similar type of thing for my future attendees. 

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