How To Use The Pinterest Image Search Tool


If you’re anything like me, you probably adore Pinterest. This creative platform helps you find the images that inspire you, but what’s the best way to find those? Although searching for keywords in Google works just fine, this isn’t always the most effective when you’re looking for something visual or for a source of inspiration. How about using a tool to discover things you didn’t even know to look for? Read on to find out more.

How To Use The Pinterest Image Search Tool

Most people don’t know that there’s a Visual Search Tool within the wonderful world of Pinterest. This tool has significantly changed my Pinning time and allowed me to find beautiful Pins that I would have never found by only using the keyword search function. 

There are two kinds of Visual Search Tools, or Image Search Tools, within Pinterest. They are easy to use if you know where to find it and follow the steps I’ve outlined for you here. The first tool is the Pinterest Lens, which I explain in this blog post. The second tool is Visual Search Tool, whichl searches for visually related Pins based on a Pin or a part of a Pin.


How To Use It

Step 1. 

Clicking on a Pin will reveal a small magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the image. Can’t find it? Make sure you’ve clicked on a specific Pin so that you’re not in the Pinterest feed anymore.

Screenshot of Benjamin Ewing Pin to show how to use the Pinterest Image Search Tool

Step 2. 

Drag the corners of the selected area until it is highlighting the aspect of the photo that you’d like to use for the visual search. If you’re looking for similar images of the whole Pin, you can drag these corners to the far edges of the image. 

Screenshot of Benjamin Ewing Pin using the Pinterest Image Search Tool to highlight an aspect of the Pin

Step 3. 

As you move your selection, the results of the Visual Search below the Pin change. E.g. selecting the plant in the corner of the living room will give you pins of houseplants, selecting the pillow on the couch will find pillows in the same style, etc.

Screenshot of Benjamin Ewing Pin using the Pinterest Image Search Tool to highlighting a stack of book

Step 4. 

Browse through the results of the Visual Search. You may need to adjust the selected area to get exactly what you’re looking for. The keywords above the image results are also helpful if you are curious about what a particular object or style is called.

Watch this video to see how I use this tool on my phone:  


Here are some ideas for how you could use this Visual Search Tool:

  • You find a Pin that shows the interior style you love, and you want to find more Pins with each element of the room layout. Selecting the couch, plants, rug or wall hangings will give you Pins to browse through, and many of them even link to an online store.

  • A Pin is showing an outfit you’re not too sure about, except for the incredible designer bag she’s holding. Select that area in the image, and Pins with that bag or with the name of the designer will likely show up. 

Using Pinterest more effectively through this Visual Search Tool means that you get more Pin for your time! :) And who would say no to that!?

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