Muji cotton pads


I love finding quality-driven alternatives in my beauty and self-care routines. Creating less waste and enjoying better products is one thing that brings me joy!

Muji cotton pads are a Japanese product that I use every day and have replaced any pharmacy-brand cotton pads for me. They’re soft, yet durable and absorbent and much tougher than you would initially think, as they don’t flake apart as normal cotton pads do.

You can pull them apart into two sheets, giving you twice as many cotton pads! Read on to see how I use them.

Photograph of a Muji cotton pad pulled apart
Photo of a Muji cotton pad split into two sheets

A quality-driven alternative

I’m very low maintenance and don't wear makeup. For those that do, these would make an excellent replacement for your regular cotton pads in your nighttime routine. I use them almost every day with my Micellar water to cleanse my face from pollution. On the rare occasion when I do wear makeup, like for a wedding, then I usually only use two sheets splitting them into four.

Another way I use these Muji cotton pads is to remove nail polish. Even for coloured polish, I only have to use one pad split into two sheets.

I hope this Japanese beauty staple will be a worthy alternative for regular cotton pads for you, too!

Photo of hands holding a Muji cotton pad
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