May Favourites


A roundup of things that brought me joy in May.

May Favourites - Wisteria at The Lygon Arms
  • Jazz Radio - soothing jazz of all genres. Free or subscription.

  • Bullet Journal book - This book deserves its own post as it has changed my life for the better. I need to figure out a way to express my gratitude in words. Check out his website for an intro into Bullet Journaling.

  • The Mindy Project - always has me in giggles.

  • The Fish Hotel - afternoon tea and cocktail bar with one of my favourite local views.

  • Cake from The Hive in Stow.

  • Sister Act

  • New iPad Pro 11-inch, 256 GB - the best iPad yet. Powerful and a great travel companion for when I don’t want to carry around my computer. The only iPad so far to do things I could only do on a computer previously.

  • Apple Pencil 2nd Gen - finally given an upgrade that was much needed; charging via a magnetic connection on the iPad itself. No more worrying about losing it and charging it via a cable.

  • The Straw Kitchen at Whichford Pottery - a favourite little spot for breakfast/brunch in the sun.

  • Caraa Studio 2 bag - an all-rounder bag with pockets for days.

  • Now TV - A great cheaper alternative to Sky. A lot of country homes have restrictions and installing Sky can be tricky, so this was a great solution.

  • Soho Farmhouse - a home/office away from home. A place that keeps me inspired while being able to exercise all in one place.

  • Dovecote Fitness Barn - finally found my favourite form of exercise, trampolining! The location is stunning, and the people are so welcoming and warm.

  • Wisteria

  • Honeybourne Pottery - a recent half-day workshop with one of my best friends, reignited our love for pottery brought back fond memories of doing it at school in Japan. I’ve enrolled to do a 10-week course so I can get back into it. Watch this space! :)

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