Reusing glass bottles for a more sophisticated bathroom

This is a little trick I learnt from my best friend in New York. I saw this in her bathroom and thought it was so simple yet genius and beautiful. It will make your bathroom look so much more sophisticated!

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I don’t drink but absolutely adore the intricacy of some high-end alcohol glass bottles. They are so well made and have such impressive designs I often will ask for bottles or have my friends drink up on my behalf so that I am able to keep the bottle for myself for home decoration.

Preferably use a clear-based bottle so that you can see the colour of the mouthwash come through whatever design your bottle has.

For this, I have used a wonderful Fisher’s Gin bottle. The design is based on the colours and pattern of the fishing nets found on the beach. Wash out the bottle… obviously, then simply just pop in your favourite mouthwash. Et Voila! Your bathroom ritual just got that much more sexy and beautiful. 

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