A Traditional Japanese Tea Experience & Handmade Leather

I share with you two of my favourite spots, within walking distance of each other, so that you can have a spot of traditional Japanese tea and lunch and then browse some gorgeous leather goods that are handmade in Japan. Or do it the other way round, and shop first, then go for a night cap as the tea shop also does homemade alcoholic brews made with tea.


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SAKURAI (櫻井焙茶研究所)

Where | Omote Sando Tokyo

Who | Ayako of A's Flower

Website | http://www.sakurai-tea.jp/

A traditional tea room in the heart of Tokyo serving traditional tea, wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionary), and home-brewed alcohol also made with tea. I would recommend making a reservation as they can get booked up.


Sot Omote Sando Tokyo hand-made leather goods


Where | Omote Sando, Cat Street, Tokyo


A gorgeous handmade leather store chain, my favourite being the one off of Cat Street in Omote Sando. Dedicated craftsmanship, where you can see the attention to detail and carefully chosen leather for each piece. Anything bought here will become an instant classic. They source their leather from Italy and handcraft it in Japan.

Also the location of the work of Jun Sasaki, a recent discovery and a fast-growing favourite illustrator of mine.

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