Bespoke Watercolour Workshop with De Winton Paper Co

A weekend away doing a bespoke watercolour workshop in Devon spent with one of my best friends and Harriet of DeWinton Paper Co.


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Harriet taught in a way that spoke to me and I learnt so much more from two days with her than any other drawing class or intensive technical course. Not getting caught up in the technicalities, launching into the basics, and then putting them into practice and painting beautiful things. Having both come from a background of learning creative practices and techniques the unconventional way, but teaching ourselves with help along the way, it was incredibly easy to follow and understand her point of view.

I would highly recommend one of her courses and of course her artwork.

I’d love to hear from you, are there any courses, workshops, artist that you can recommend? I love spreading the love. :)


Where to find DeWinton Paper Co / Harriet:

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