Photographing a wedding for Sundari Ferris

I am lucky enough to have photographed some amazing places, events and people all over the world. In this case one of my nearest and dearest, Sundari Ferris, a talented stylist, who’s skills go beyond the wedding industry asked me to photograph a wedding for her for her portfolio and I felt truly honoured that she would trust me with such a task.

Hambledon Vineyard
Sundari of The Wedding Stylist and her team

I was driving down the motorway, about 45 minutes into my ride outside of London. I smiled. I realised just how lucky I was to be driving to the countryside, a place I draw so much of my inspiration from. The surrounding nature, the charming villages of England that feel as though they should belong to fairytales and stories of old. The feeling of total relaxation as soon as I breathe in that country air. I try to get out of London as often as possible as it fuels my passion and organic inspiration, as well as resetting my energy levels which are naturally quite low for me.

This particular trip was to photograph some amazing work for a friend of mine for her portfolio at Hambledon Vineyard, Hampshire. Sundari of Sundari Ferris is a stylist, although she does so much more than that and has actually got some exciting new projects coming up so go follow her for updates. (Update: she now paints gorgeous bespoke canvas backdrops that are easily transportable!). Her eye for detail and attention and dedication to her craft are impeccable. To call her a friend but to also be hired by her is a huge honour since she is picky about her vendors and the people she works with, as you should be to stay true to your aesthetic and style.

I just wanted to share these snippets of my day with you since it was so magical and I pinch myself that I get to travel to my dream locations for work. Fantasy intertwined with real life is the perfect way to live. :)


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