My Top 3 Winter Travel Essentials


Winter is my second favourite time of year after Autumn… I love being cosy, warm, inside by a fireplace while it snows… if it ever snows (which it doesn’t in the UK, and if it does it turns to slush within 20 minutes. No fair). When you travel, especially to unknown, unfamiliar lands, it is always nice to have those things you seek comfort in, your favourite items that you know will make you smile and snuggle up no matter where you are in the world!

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My Top 3 wintery, cosy travel items

  1. Big shearling-lined boots. My absolute favourite and are now falling apart (in the best way) because I've had them for so long, are Frye Valerie Lace-ups in Brown or Black (mine are Cognac). I have also jazzed them up unintentionally by dropping neon orange nail polish on them, which I love now.

  2. Cashmere Wrist-warmers. I've loved Brora wrist-warmers for over 10 years. They are a good investment. Not too bulky and so so soft. Always loved these. They are a classic, but also loved their seasonal collections too, especially the Christmas editions.

  3. An oversized cashmere scarf. One of my favourites is by a dear friend of mine Nihao Planet. Find her scarves here.


Stay warm, stay cosy, stay comfortable.

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