My Favourite Paris Shops


1st arrondissement: Palais Royal

  • Passage des Panoramas - a very French set of passageways lined with old books stores, antiquities, curiosity shops, cafes and restaurants. Very picturesque.

  • Galerie Vivienne - similar to the above and within walking distance from each other.

4th arrondissement: Le Marais

  • Merci - A home store with everything you could possibly dream of

  • Boutique generale - a small boutique selling Japanese inspired ceramics, linens and home goods.

  • Yvon Lambert - A boutique bookstore brimming full of art and design books

  • Empreints - a craft lovers heaven, a marketplace just for arts and crafts

  • Kosa Galerie - French and Japanese gallery space

  • BHV - ever thought oh I need that thing to do this thing but I don't think it exists/I have no idea where to find it... I feel you, I feel that way always. Now Japan has everything you could ever imagine for whatever it is that you want to use it for, but I'm guessing you are not always gonna wanna travel that far... so BHV is your next best thing. It is AMAZING. They sell all those little bathroom or kitchen accessories or curtains, lamps, whatever it is that I missing from your home, it's most likely here. And it is not expensive for a lot of it. I bought all my linens for my bedroom here while they were in the sale, and all my random little things like a plastic bathroom plug cuz my plug broke. You're welcome don't worry about it.

  • Moor - an incredibly chic floral design store with well-priced antiques and home ware goods. THEY ALSO DO THE BEST QUALITY FAKE FLOWERS! You're welcome florists.

  • Maje - a gorgeous brand with neutral coloured clothing.

7th arrondissement: Saint-Germain-des-Prés/ Saint-Michel

  • Le Bon Marché - a trip to Paris cannot be completed without a trip here. One of my first stops along with below. They always have the latest trendy clothes, and amazing exhibitions. I tend to beeline for the bookstore on the top floor however and peruse the books and stationary.

  • City Pharma - another of my first stops (I recommend you go early in the morning to avoid crowds). A favourite amongst everyone, including stars, there is a reason is it always so crowded. It is a pharmacy, but everything is much cheaper and comes in bundles so except some pushing and shoving and to end up bulk buying (like I do...). Best best best!!! See article on Gwyneth Paltrow's blog Goop here.

  • A flower shop that doesn't seem to have a name but is so beautiful you have to go: La Boutique des Saints-Pères.

  • Le Grand Comptoir - reasonably priced home store, perfect for those little things you always wanted but always thought you couldn't afford.

  • Astier de Villate (in Carole Borraz store)- the most exquisite hand-made ceramics that I want my whole home to be decorated with. Their crockery is expensive but for a reason. Apparently they have a unique way of firing their clay that is what makes their product so fine and delicate, and it takes more time than usual firing process. The day I buy something from here, my life will be more awesome.

9th arrondissement

Updated version coming soon 2019.



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