My favourite Paris Cafes and eateries

Whenever I come to Paris one of my first stops especially in the morning (and even better when it’s sunny) is Café Kitsuné. Based in Palais Royal nestled within an old arcade made of the most wonderful French architecture, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie. They do the best flavours of tea with Japanese influences such as Yuzu and Matcha. I’m not a coffee drinker and I actually prefer ice tea, So I always get an iced chai tea latte. :) Find my city guide below for all the places I frequent every time I go back and have been going to for many years/have been recommended to me by my local friends. 

My favourite Paris Cafes and eateries

Azabu - Japanese teppanyaki (I recommend getting the tofu with minced chicken and miso, the Lotus root with cheese, and the Nasu Dengaku.

Café Kitsuné - as mentioned above

Shu - Japanese kushiage (fried sticks) with the smallest door in Paris.

Kodawari Ramen - Ramen in an indoor street food setting - perfect for those that love ramen and fantasy lands!

Ze Kitchen Gallerie - fusion food and amazing artistic atmosphere - there is a slightly cheaper version around the corner from this main original restaurant that does great lunch deals.

Noglu - a gluten free bakery (something I have recently been told I am borderline allergic too - massive sad face!!!) I live here when I am in New York as they have a branch there too. Although it's much easier to find gluten-free anything in America. France is slightly more difficult as I have recently discovered.

Yen - Handmade soba restaurant, if you go during the day something you can catch them making soba in the window!

Eggs & Co for a yummy egg cocotte breakfast - be warned it a shit load of food - get the set menu. It comes with a choice of cocotte, pancakes, juice, a hot drink and salad and I think something else... but I can't remember. I am alway pretty ready for a nap after this meal...

Claus - another breakfast place that is so unbelievably photogenic and cute it makes me squeal thinking about how adorable this place is.

Henri Le Roux Chocolatier

Toraya - traditional Japanese confectionary also serving meals for lunch and dinner. Also, their floral centrepieces are to die for. They are seasonal and change frequently.

Walaku - another traditional Japanese confectionary restaurant that serves set bento box lunches and they cook Dorayaki in front of you!

Le Mary Celeste - a super fun bar but also extraordinary yummy food.

Candelaria - Part of the same group as Le Mary Celeste, an awesome speakeasy where you go through a taqueria to get to the back bar! Round the corner from Mary Celeste

Little Red Door - another speakeasy around the corner from the above two

Méert - a beautiful old French bakery full of everything you could ever dream of set within old architecture

La Tour D'Argent - an incredible once in a lifetime treat that you should be prepared to splurge on. They specialise in duck and it's the most ridiculously fancy place you've ever been to, with amazing views of the Seine and Notre Dame, waiters in tailcoats and walls lined with antiques and images of famous people that have once walked through the grand rooms.

Daroco - Pizzas and small bites.

Marché des Enfants Rouges - an indoor/outdoor cafe famous for its street food with all types of cuisines. Great atmosphere and vibe to go with friends and then some.

Aki Boulanger for your fix of traditional Japanese pastries like melon pan, strawberry shortcake and then some.

Cosi - I think I am going to miss this place more than ever since being diagnosed with borderline coeliacs disease. They only do freshly baked focaccia sandwiches. It is unreal I tell you. Also get their desserts - especially the apple crumble. There are always British / English-speaking students there.

Schwart's Deli for the best Reuben and Deli/diner food. Prepare to queue unless you go early.

Mariage Frères - love tea like me? You gotta go here. They even have a sweet little cafe upstairs where everything they serve is simple yet sophisticated and has tea flavours in everything, and you can try any of their bazillion tea flavours. My personal favourite... iced butterscotch. MMMMMM!!! Also, there is a tea museum downstairs. A great place to buy gifts for anyone since their tins are not only staples and famous worldwide but beautiful too.

Le Clown Bar - next to the circus in Paris, it has a cool history (read about it here). Also, the website seems to be down so ignore the weird website you get directed to. Just trust me. You have to go if you want to feed yourself some of the most scrumptious food ever. Ok?

Boot Café

Le Bar Des Prés


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