The Ruffled Garlic


I wanted to start a new series called "Light Studies" as I rarely see this traditional process practised anymore. You always see the finished product but never the process that is just as integral to an artists work as it is part of their journey, making you better at what you do. Often my favourite part of seeing an exhibition of an artist are their messy sketchbooks and scribble or imperfect photographs. These will be my scribbles. 


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The Ruffled Garlic

Barely touched, or edited, I took this as soon as I noticed the light falling onto the beautiful garlic bulb, slightly opened, imperfect, textured. It was so inviting. I merely placed a curtain underneath that I had purchased recently to soften the image and hide the orange table so I wouldn't have to edit and desaturate it later. I try to always look at my surroundings before I take a photograph. There is intention behind a photographers work, people may not know this. What makes a good photographer or artist is the intention and story behind it that translates into the image itself and also the ability to capture their vision on camera as closely as possible before the editing even begins. Then what differentiates one photographer from another is the artistry they then execute in their editing process. I used to over-edit and have done so many crazy and wonderful things and I have no regrets. I'll be doing a blog post about that at some point so definitely stay tuned for that! It's so interesting even for me to look back on!

Someone who does "studies" very beautifully and in a traditional manner is Jamie Beck aka Ann Street Studio. One half of the inventors of the Cinemagraph. It's worth following her on Instagram if you want to learn more about film photography and photography in general as she frequently walks you through behind the scenes and answers questions. I have learnt a lot from her. I am always in awe of her. She is open, honest, vulnerable, real, raw, a traditionalist in the most beautiful way. Oh, and she has the most wonderful glamorous life that seems incredibly real, rather than posed.

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