Last Breakfast In Paris

The little eateries are my favourite in Paris. This one being one of my top choices.

Claus Palais Royal Paris


A favourite breakfast spot that my best friend took me to years ago. Have been coming here ever since. Simple comfort food: croissants, eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice in set menu form. Choose based on hunger levels. :)


Gluten-free? I got you covered! 

Finding gluten-free alternatives in Paris is still very difficult as it hasn't caught on as not a lot of people here have an allergy and the French do food and bakeries so well, why change it! I get it! I'm lucky that I can cook at my flat otherwise as a big foodie I would be so sad having to eat at the few places that cater towards gluten-free over and over again without taking a risk at restaurants and cafes that don't freely advertise they are gluten-free.

I got the Rive-Gauche menu but they happily accommodated by switched the roesti to an omelette with asparagus and feta, the selection of breads was switched to the gluten-free brownie and the yoghurt mousse stayed the same but the cornflakes and banana were switched out for some fresh seasonal fruit. So so wonderful.

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