How to overcome fear and start over in business

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Some of you may know my old brand and Instagram Chikae O.H. / @chikaeoh. However, what you may not know is that I started the Instagram account back in 2012 under the name @okishimasimmonds, my floral design business which I had for 4 years. Over time, as I changed from florist to photographer my grid got confused since I was confused as to where my creativity was heading. I then made the decision early this year to delete it so that I could not only focus on The Hikarui Lifestyle but also take a step back to re-evaluate what I was doing with the brand Chikae O.H.

Yesterday I finally felt ready to restart it but knew it had to be a blank canvas so that I could fully put across my creativity fully and coherently now that I know what my style is and I know myself better.

Don’t be afraid to start from scratch and start fresh. Deleting everything, getting rid of an Instagram account, rebranding, breaking a partnership, starting a new business, etc. These are all tough decisions and new life choices, but if it feels right to you and you know the outcome will be so much better, don’t be afraid. I have more stories about this I’d love to share with you one day.

I hope this helps you to overcome the fear of starting fresh.

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