How I Pack Clothes For Lightweight, Stress-free Travel

Sometimes packing can be overwhelming. I hear ya! I have refined my packing over the years to pack less and less, but this one trick is a traditional way of packing from Japan and I learnt it from my mom.

How I pack for lightweight travel
Muji Garment Cases. Source:  Pinterest

Muji Garment Cases. Source: Pinterest


FUROSHIKI - what is it?

In Japan, we use Furoshiki (風呂敷), a lightweight, usually cotton or linen cloth to wrap our clothing, bento boxes, gifts etc. This not only looks beautiful and neat but it also allows you to pack and unpack with ease as it condenses your clothes into easily organised sections within your suitcase to then transfer into your hotel room drawers or shelving. See how Muji suggest you use their garment cases here.

I always pack my clothes and other bits and bobs that are better off organised in these cases. I have them in small, medium and large. They can be found at Muji stores all over the world or online here. I cannot wait to go to Japan and get my very own Furoshiki one day. I have yet to find some simple monochromatic ones that I like! My mom has some beautiful ones she has used ever since I can remember. I never fully appreciate what a wonderful tradition it was until recently.


Can you see how above I have put my clothes for my 10 day trip to Paris in one Muji Garment Bag with room to spare? This allows me to quickly put my clothes into my suitcase before I travel and then when I unpack at my destination and place it in a drawer or shelf with such ease. This saves time and energy and is so satisfying to me since I don't have to worry about mess and disorganisation.

Ah, this makes me so happy! :)

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