Allbirds, the world's comfiest shoes?


Are Allbirds indeed “The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes”? They may well just be! Read on to find out more!


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Too good to be true?

When I first tried them, I was elated, it felt too good to be true. When shopping around for style items I seek out things that are multi-dimensional i.e. weatherproof, year-round usage, and are smart-casual (this is great for when I travel so the things I wear bridge the gap between casual and fancy). Most importantly, what I wear has to be comfortable.

Dare I say it: I may have discovered the most versatile, low-maintenance, comfiest shoe, you really may never want to wear anything else ever again.

Who are Allbirds?

A New Zealand based shoe company that pride themselves in using sustainable, natural materials to create shoes that are comfortable, weather-adaptable and machine washable.

  • Shoes are made from merino wool from New Zealand

  • Laces are made of recycled plastic

  • Packaging is recycled

  • More waterproof than you’d think

  • Feel like slippers

  • Lightweight

  • Warm in the winter, cool in the summer

  • Machine washable (great for those that love white shoes like me or just like to get dirty)

  • Wear without socks (something I never usually feel comfortable doing)

  • Great for someone like me who wears orthopaedic insoles but find they are a pain to switch into every pair of shoes. I leave mine out of these because they come with an incredibly comfortable pair of insoles.

  • Replaceable soles for when the inevitable smelly-shoe thing starts to happen so your shoes aren’t ruined.

  • They donate to the homeless if you return shoes or change your mind within one month - no matter what state they are in/how many times you wear them

  • Free laces in store (don’t hold me to that though! Maybe we were lucky :p )

Put a spring (or cloud) in your step

I don’t buy clothes that often anymore. I go for quality over quantity, and sometimes this means I wait a while until I find the right thing. I can honestly say that I love these shoes so much they really make walking a joy and literally make me feel like I’m walking on air (or clouds!).

Funny Update

I went to my friends house after writing this and wore my Allbirds. She was like “OMG, I just bought the exact same ones, they are amazing!!!” So the moral of the story is: don’t just take our word for it, give them a try! They are such a flexible, easy-to-deal with company, with a great returns policy - just don’t abuse it even if it is for a good cause. :p

Quick Tip:

Keep the shoe shapers that come with them, as they will help keep their beautiful shape. I threw mine away in the excitement of unboxing them and regretted it, but the Covent Garden peeps gave me a replacement for free!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve discovered any new beautifully designed, comfy clothing companies! I’d love to know. :)

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