A Japanese Care Package from Tokyo


The majority of my friends live all over the world, a large concentration of them in Tokyo, Japan. Gift-giving is a huge part of Japanese culture, something I personally am not the best at as I prefer to give personal experiences or things I know they will love no matter what. My friend sent me a care package of things I adore.

Chikae O.H._blog_Soybean sweets-2.jpg
Chikae O.H._blog_Soybean sweets-3.jpg
Chikae O.H._blog_Soybean sweets-1.jpg

My favourite lemon sours that you can only seem to find in pharmacies around Japan. Yuzu (ゆず) tea. Kinako (きなこ), soybean (大豆), matcha (抹茶) chocolates. Warabi (わらび) mochi (もち). Fruit mochi (もち).

Japanese care package from tokyo.jpg
Chikae hanko seal for Hikarui


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